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Country artist Chad Meers spent his early years on his family’s tobacco and cattle farm in Shelby County, Kentucky. Having consumed bluegrass music along with classic and 90s country since birth, Chad began writing songs as a teen and learned to self produce his recordings. A 2020 lockdown provided Chad with plenty of time to record his first album, “The Man I Am,” which was released in July of 2021. Six months later, Chad began production on his second album, “A Place In My Mind,” which was released in May of 2024.

“A Place In My Mind” features a mix of bluegrass sounds and rowdy outlaw country numbers, all while telling the story of growing up and yearning for a return to a simpler life. The opening track nails the landscape and purpose of the album - “how desperate a desire, how dreadful a dream to long to go back to where I most felt like me. Cause I miss the joy and the freedom I knew all before the world told me who to be.” While writing tunes with heartfelt messages and vividly descriptive scenes, the goal is always to connect with people. Music has a special ability to bring us together and highlight what we have in common. Consider this an invitation to listen to Chad’s music and connect with him.

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